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The Vision and Goals:

The Iraqi Sport's Academy is established at December 2004 to be described as a sport scientific tower in the World Wide Web and it is formed from specialized academic staff in the physical educational aspect and it has a scientific, notable place in the academic community. This establishment gains no profits and its goal is to set the programs and the sport information in the WWW so as to be used of locally, internationally and regionally.

The Academy role in the higher education is to help in preparing the scientific, athletic staff from males and females to get the proper careers and to participate in the right sport games, and this aim can be achieved through introducing programs specialized in training, education and in the sport administration by using the electronic learning principle, as the creators of the Iraqi Sport's Academy think that it is a suitable time to develop the sport methods using the right social, civilized, scientific style and to introduce the possible help for this important section from the society; as the creators considers this aid as a source of education.


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