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The Iraq Sport's Academy Programs:

The thought of the Iraqi Sport's Academy is done so as to be a rostrum for the academic athlete especially the teachers who is specialized in the physical education; and it is established by a group of teachers who owns enough experiences in the aspect of electronic publishing, this is besides their academic sport experiences.

The Iraqi Sport's Academy is an establishment without walls that has been invented through using the electronic educational program and has been put in the WWW so as to reach possible wide range of learners. All the teachers who want to display their participations on the electronic website of the Academy can join it without exceptions, especially those who participate regularly in the sport education programs.

The Iraqi Sport's Academy displays many programs, lectures and scientific essays which embodies the specializations of the physical education through the WWW. This valuable information is presented by specialized a teacher who has great experiences in this aspect.

This service is introduced for free on the website, and the Academy has kept its personal identity and it is not related with any academic establishment but it gathers the group of the teacher from the physical education to present this service for free and without waiting any equivalent. Anyone who is interested in sport and its science can search in the Academy website and to get the benefit and the members of this academy hope that the services will reach the biggest possible group that it can be from the society especially the academic athlete so as to spare the benefit to everyone from the society.



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