The Iraq Sport's Academy welcomes all the respectable visitors. It is consider as a free electronic rostrum for all the educational groups; if they are students, academic teachers who gained the higher degrees in the physical educational specializations, and even with those interested in sport or the general health, as the Iraq Sport's Academy  is not designed for a special group and there is no limits in drawing all the visitors if they are academic or not.

The reason for establishing the Iraq Sport's Academy is to deliver the recent information for the researchers and the interested people in the physical education and that is through presenting these information in a civilized and advanced style so as to be accompanied with the advanced technology, to be just like the advanced modern countries and also to be a competitive scientific rostrum to show the world that we are in the live of the development and progress in the new Iraq.

We are in the Iraq Sport's Academy very sure that there are great possibilities and many scientifically and academic skills owned by Mesopotamia people represented by their teachers and their academic people, and it is time now to spread it in the WWW so as to be obvious there and to be showed in the advanced world. And all the members in the Iraq Sport's Academy wishes that the advantage will be for everyone and their efforts will be dedicated to everyone who is need and for this we ask God to make prosper.