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About The Academy

As well as working closely with leading sports associations and organizations, the Iraq Sport's Academy has links with other academic professors, top coaches and elite athletes. We also have long-standing links with the Sports Science Faculties at a number of key Sports Science Universities in Iraq and other Arab country, recognized leaders in sports science.

The Iraq Sport's Academy offers comprehensive information and education on the fundamentals of sports. Interactive educational tools help to explain and illustrate the science, helping ensure using the site is enjoyable as well as informative.

The Iraq Sport's Academy research archive provides a comprehensive library of sports articles, and reports. The library is updated regularly, helping you further your understanding of the science behind sporting performance.

We recognize that to be of most value, the site needs to be regularly updated with the latest developments, theories, views and applications in the field of sports educations. Key sections within the Iraq Sport's Academy will be updated and extended on a quarterly basis to reflect this - as science and understanding continues to develop, the Iraq Sport's Academy web site will grow and evolve over time.



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